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York’s success in the Music Industry; this is why he prefers to use the last name “York” instead of his legal name Muhammad.

For more than a year and a half Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird “Eagle”, AN INNOCENT MAN, has been tortured mentally and physically, unjustly held without bond, deceived by the officers of the court, held under duress, enduring violation after violation of his human rights, granted by the creator. Now it is time that we pull all the pieces together and expose the conspiracy and the leaders behind it. Jacob, also known as Jake, has proclaimed his hatred, jealousy and envy for his father. D.), may she rest in peace, and his siblings Abu Bakr Muhammad aka Fadullah, age 32 and Fatimah Muhammad, age 33, the late Yadullahi Muhammad aka Yad (1970 A. He was the executive producer of Junior Mafia, a group who is known for their violent nature portrayed through their music. Jake York also produced the sexually explicit rap artist LIL’ KIM.

Jacob York is known for his unscrupulous business practices.

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