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The topics covered include: Part 1: Smoking patterns in adults Part 2: Smoking patterns in children Part 3: Availability and affordability of tobacco Part 4: Behaviour and attitudes to smoking Part 5: Smoking-related costs, ill health and mortality Each part provides an overview of the key findings on these topics, as well as providing links to sources of further information and relevant documents.This report contains data and information previously published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), Department of Health, the Office for National Statistics and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.If you want to go out with a well dressed person with a little bit more cash to spend than a smoker (vaping is much cheaper) then you should pick the vaper every single time.If you’ve ever gone out with a smoker, quite often you’ll find yourself sat in the pub or restaurant all alone looking like a complete loner whilst they’re outside enjoying a ten minute smoke whilst chatting away with the other smokers out there. Whilst smoking is banned in public places in the UK, vaping is not subject to such a blanket ban.• There were 1.7 million admissions for conditions that could be caused by smoking in 2014/15.

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As well as being much more pleasant dating someone who isn’t coughing all the time, it means that with a clearer chest they’re much more likely to be active which opens up a variety of date possibilities such as activity weekends and experience days.That means you can go to a restaurant or bar that allows vaping or your partner could take part in ‘stealth vaping’.This goes on in nearly every pub and restaurant in the country and is where a vaper subtly uses their e-cigarette in the establishment without bothering others.• More secondary school pupils reported having tried e-cigarettes at least once (22 per cent) than traditional cigarettes (18 per cent).• In 2015, tobacco was 27 per cent less affordable than it was in 2005.There are very few people who actually like the smell of cigarette smoke, and even fewer who like the smell of stale cigarette smoke.Do you really want to be dating someone who smells?It’s actually quite pleasant if there person vaping is vaping one of the sweeter, fruitier flavours of e-liquid.Date a vaper, and you can smell your partner’s natural odour or their lovely aftershave or perfume.As winter kicks in and colds and flu are rife, there’s nothing worse than the sounds of rattly chests and hacking coughs.So why would you want to go out with anyone who coughs and splutters up phlegm all the time, day in, day out?

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