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I came away from each class feeling encouraged as well as educated.” (Spring 2014) “Rebecca was helpful, enthusiastic, and able to manage a variety of levels. ” (Spring 2014) “The class made me work hard and get my butt in the chair!

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Past Student Feedback: “Rebecca was very instructive while also encouraging and she fostered what I felt was an inspiring and motivational environment, which was perfect given the volume of out-of-class writing.

In reconstructing the PIE vocabulary, for example, linguists have used the comparative method, a technique for finding similar words in various Indo-European languages.

As the linguist and phonologist Calvert Watkins explains, similar words, or cognates, in present Indo-European languages “provide evidence for the shape of the prehistoric Indo-European word.” Watkins, author of ) is from the Vespasian Psalter, an illuminated manuscript dated around 825: “Muntas and alle hyllas, treo westemberu and alle cederbeamas” (“Mountains and all hills, fruit trees and all cedars”). And in , King Alfred’s late ninth-century translation of a sixth-century work by Pope Gregory, an unbeliever is compared to a barren tree: “Ælc triow man sceal ceorfan, þe gode wæstmas ne birð, & weorpan on fyr, & forbærnan” (“Every tree that does not bear good fruit shall be cut down and cast into the fire and burnt”).

I have been able to start my novel and plan to finish it in the upcoming months.” (Spring 2014) “I really liked being pushed to just write – it’s such an important part of any project (duh! Having the class put such an emphasis on the writing really helped me get my act together, and by the end I actually had a routine! Rebecca does a great job of teaching while making the class fun.” (Winter 2015) “The work on outlining especially helped me think about my own story. ” (Winter 2015) " I love that [Rebecca] treated a room full of sheepish would-be novelists as if our work, lives, and thoughts counted just as much as anyone else’s, and as if we are just as deserving of respect for our efforts.

It helps enormously to be taken seriously and to be encouraged with such goodwill." (Winter 2016) See current classes Steve Almond spent seven years as a newspaper reporter in Texas and Florida before writing his first book, the story collection My Life in Heavy Metal.

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