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When seeking help though, you are treated like an addict. I don't even know what Oxycontin is used for, pain i believe, but there seems to be too many petitions for this problem to be taken lightly. I spoke to her doctor several times about finding something else for pain and winging her off Oxy Contin.As it is a pain killer it doesn't seem to be legitimate for injured patients to use considering the lessons we've learned from this highly addictive drug. My mother had double knee replacement in 2003, she was 70. I would hear excuse after excuse as to why she needed this medication.This monster named Oxy Contin distroys emotions, common sense and the ability to care about anything that at one time held some value in their lives. When she was cut off, a friend introduced her2 heroin. Most of them were VERY YOUNG and had started well before their 18th birthday as well.I wasn’t aware of the long term effects this drug created. She has been an addict since 2011 and can't get any life is a living hell because of this drug. I believe Oxycontin drove my husband to pick up his gun and take his own life last week. NOT a good or necessary drug to have on the market.I found her taking more than prescribed and when I would hide the medication, she would scream and call me all kinds of names. get this away from big pharma and CHILDREN and young adults who get a hold of it.The woman that was once my best friend looked at me with such hate and discussed. Worked at a rehab for 2 as a Director of Stress Elimination and saw that 70% of our clients were addicted to Oxy.

A husband should not be calling his wife a bitch, nor she calling him any similar names.It has been 10 months since We lost our 25 year old son to an addiction that started with Oxycontin.Our son and family struggled for many years trying to end the addiction that the greedy pharmaceutical companies, doctors and the FDA have created. The drug companies and the doctors who prescribe these medications need to be held accountable.All Team Writer contributions are the personal opinion of an unqualified individual. If You'd Like To Support And Help It Grow Even Bigger Feel Free To Send Over Some BTC: 3Datm Ddvo1VLiv Evx85qo Dq8Ed ZWCj Fuqr Sign up and get rid of popads Chat with hottest girls on Live Sex Cams SIGN UP!Now, of course, if you’re just angry about the way things are in your marriage and you’re finding it difficult to communicate with your wife, but it isn’t really that you hate her and it’s not that you think she’s a witch spelled with a B but just that she frustrates you by acting controlling and petulant and you don’t like the way she chooses to express herself, you can always try to get help from a third party to help you and your wife learn how to communicate better and build a better marriage. It’s just that usually we don’t want to bother to try because it’s not really all that easy. We find it easier to just hold on to our resentments and walk around hating each other and calling each other names.You have to figure out for yourself if it’s worth it to make the effort to buy and read marriage books, take marriage courses, talk to marriage counselors and actually dig your hands down in the worm infested dirt and start planting the seeds that will transform your marriage from a wasteland to a flourishing garden.Team Writer content may be written by one or more persons.All content should be considered to be for entertainment purposes only.How many more lives will they allow to be destroyed before something is done to ban this drug and end this epidemic? I had a friend who wasn't abusing this medication only took the prescribed died of having this drug in his autopsy showed nothing else can his system..medication,even if you take it correctly will kill you.All I can say I was so so overmedicated and delusional I made an attempt on my life because it wasn't helping my pain anymore and was literally giving me the "creepy crawlies" Oxycontin is a nasty drug that for me would wear off between 6 & 8 hours for me!!! They KNEW what they were doing when they designed these drugs all Oxy products are nasty!!!

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