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Are you thinking of starting a phonograph collection?

The vibrating needle causes a diaphragm in a reproducer to vibrate, where the vibrations become sound.

Indeed, many phonographs look very much alike unless you pay great attention to the minutia...

just like computers today, often it's the small differences that make one model very special and other model not-so-much. In order for me to help you identify your phonograph, which I am happy to do, please read down the guide so you know what to look for, and then email me 1) a description of everything you have gleaned from looking at it and 2) some photos of the item in question. The best way to date a phonograph is to place it in its technological context and consult period literature sources for information on release date and factory serial number information, if available.

Disc phonographs grew in impact throughout the 1900s and 1910s, and by the 1920s were very common and produced in large quantities. Cases were usually oak, and the cast iron parts enameled black with gold or gold-and-blue pinstriping or decals. Such horns were not self-supporting but needed a steel support crane to suspend them in front of the phonograph.

The following section describes the major types of phonographs offered by the Big Three manufacturers during the 1890s ? This Edison cylinder phonograph has a swan-neck horn that was offered initially as a special order option, and later as a standard feature. These cylinder models with horns were made until 1913. In addition to metal, horns were available in fiber, wood, and papier mache.

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