Dating mastery series

Our Dating Mastery Program is a ten-week, intensive, life-changing experience. This way, when we take you infield to practice “live” what we role-played in our classroom, you’ll have a coach available to watch you, answer your questions, and to give you feedback.

This program will give you the time you need to actually learn, experiment with, and ask questions about what we’ll be teaching you. Finally, we live in NYC, and we’re not going anywhere.

And if you go to far, you don’t embarrass yourself or cause awkwardness for the other person.

Not only will this help to develop stronger bonds with the people in your life, it will ensure that the relationships that you want to progress intimately, move in that direction.

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We do this in steps, so that you always know where you’re at.

Week 6: Confidence (anxieties about yourself, image, self esteem)Leadership is one of the most important things we teach at Craft of Charisma, and it’s a focus of not only the Dating Mastery Program, but of Craft of Charisma.

No matter where you are now, what type of anxieties you’re dealing with, you have to learn to lead.

It’s projected through your body language, your voice, and through your choices. At Craft of Charisma we know that the secret to getting what you want, whether it’s a job or dating the type of woman that you fantasize about, is to encourage people to take risks, to gain new positive experiences based upon better strategies, and to change what you think is possible. Encouraging the other person to tell their own stories. And setting up the current interaction to continue at some point in the future.

In life, you get what you think you’re worth, not what you want. Week 3: What am I going to say next (getting stuck in your head, not being present in the moment)Once the conversation has begun, you have to know how to progress the communication. The reality is that they’re using a series of tools that differentiate them from the people around them and help to build lasting human connections.

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