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I manage the internship program in my small office.We have 10 employees and typically a couple interns per semester.I know you’d never want to say something hurtful, so I figured you’d want to know.” 3.Our employee takes lots of leave without pay I’m the coordinator at a small satellite law firm, and my office administrator and I were hoping you/readers could weigh in on this situation.Pam was hired around the same time I was and despite our differences in title we were trained together.

Is there a way that I can let them know that this isn’t standard practice (at least in our office) without embarrassing them?But it’s not expected, and it can actually be an interruption to people who are concentrating.” You could add, “This is the kind of thing that isn’t obvious when you first start working, and we’ve all been there.” 2.My coworker used a racist word at work I work at a public library with a small staff, of which I am one of the most junior members in age, title, and length of time employed (less than a year).And of course, this only applies to the leave without pay.You don’t want to mix in her use of actual PTO, which is part of the compensation you’re giving her, as long as she’s scheduling it in a way that doesn’t cause massive, avoidable inconvenience. Someone in my network might want to hire me, and I’m not interested A former coworker who now is running a small consulting firm contacted me via Linked In.So then the question is whether her work when she’s there is strong enough that you’re willing to accept the impact of her being out a lot.It’s possible that her work is so much better than everyone else’s that you could decide it is, despite the potential morale impact that might have on others.The usage is always for travel, not because she’s dealing with an illness or family issues or anything serious. Her attorneys have historically allowed her to do this, as long as their workload is covered when she’s away.The rest of the secretarial team (as well as the office administrator and I) have always covered for her, but the team is starting to resent the amount of time she’s away from the office, and have started making comments along the lines of “why does she get to take so much time off” and “must be nice.” I suppose I should also point out that she frequently states that this is not a job she needs — that her husband makes enough to support both of them.This year, she has already started saying that she will be taking much more than her allotted time off (using LWOP again) in order to travel for multiple weeks at a time, and if she doesn’t get to take the days off, she’ll quit. It can be tempting in a situation like this to just go with the principle of the thing — as in, you hired her to be there for a certain number of days per year and she needs to do that, period.But especially because this is one of your best secretaries, it’s better to look at the real impact of what she’s doing on your workflow and on the rest of your staff.

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  1. Most women would only ever see me as friend (or nothing at all), rather than a potential lover or boyfriend because I was always being too nice, too polite and lacking the all-important sexual vibe that flirting creates.