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Attempting to deal hits up close is pointless unless you have fast attackers such as Maglev, Awakened Bahamut, or tanky, close-ranged units such as Jamiera or Crazed Titan. D • Ururun Wolf (Enemy Unit) • Angel Fanboy • Wall Doge • Trolly Blogger • Mr.

Camelle also has the Base Destroyer ability, causing him to do 4x damage to the Cat Base. His special ability's to close his nostrils, he doesn't know that all camels do it because he doesn't have any friends. It is more powerful, can survive a lethal strike and increases her damage at low health. Don't be fooled by the abnormal only-slightly-higher HP, because she still has Base Destroyer, can revive infinitely and has a lot more attack damage. Ost • Otta-smack-u • Kory • Camelle • Duche • THE SLOTH • Rain D. Mole • Codename "Red Riding" • Henry • Dolphina • Hermit Cat • Croakley • Mystic Mask Yulala • King Wahwah Pigge (Red) • Sir Seal (Red) • One Horn (Red) • B. Bunny (Red) • Shy Boy (Red/Floating) • Dark Emperor Nyandam (Red) • Bore (Red) • St. K Bun Bun (Red/Floating) • Red Cyclone (Red/Floating) • Ginger Snache (Red) • Li'l Nyandam (Red) • Capy (Red) • Berserkory (Red) • Two Can (Red/Black) • Hannya (Red) • Professor A.

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